GizmoCode Techsolutions LLP is a start up (April ,12), but the web division is 9 years young. The team has been creating designs and developing web sites, applications and most of what we have spoken below since April 2008. They were a part of the services offered by Morph Digital Solutions, primarily an animation studio. Not wanting to get over shadowed by a more glamorous division, the team has decided to get its own identity along with new age technology services and products. Here's a peek of what we can offer you in this domain:

UI design

Understanding the users requirement and behavior more than the client's is what we focus on. We design sites keeping in mind the end user and provide the user with an experience that's easy and likable. We started off as a creative design studio and have now moved on to focus on technology and gadgets, but haven't moved away from our roots of creativity and design.

Our designs are forethought and planned for multiple media such as mobiles with small screens, tablets with medium screens to desktop with large screens. We also consider applications of the design on social media. But at the end of the day, we make sure that we are proud of displaying the design in our portfolio for appreciation and more projects.

We don't let the technology decide the design, but the other way round.

web development

There is a new technology almost every day. But that doesn't hassle us. Neither do we let the client get hassled. Unless the client knows his technology, we don't let it bother them. The objective is to arrive at the best possible solution for the requirement. But at the same time, we do keep ourselves abreast with what's new and what's hot.

From the standard HTML and CSS to the evergreen pHp, .Net, Java Scripts to the new world CMS technologies of Joomla, Drupal, Word Press and Magento to the funkier flash builder (Adobe Flex) and the new arrival HTML5, we are good with our codes and the possibilities they offer.

web apps

This takes our capabilities a notch higher. Anything related to Intranets, Networks, database creation and management, architecture design, dashboards, widgets fall well with on our framework. What they call Web 2.0 is what we offer for Rich Internet applications, Web-Oriented architecture and integrating the social side of things. Tools like CSS3, Ajax, JQuery, Adobe Flex, Javascripts, XML are used to enhance the application experience. Our capabilities can also be used to create Native Apps, so in case no web, no problem.

Too much jargon? Well we had to show off our capabilities some how!!!

mobile sites

Everything is being viewed and experienced on smaller screens these days. Therefore, it has become mandatory for every website to have its own "Mini Me" versions. Crisper, easier to navigate, most important information, quick links and easy on the eye solutions to let any gizmo let your users access your information on the go.

We will shrink your website but not shrink the experience.


There is no time to go to the store these days. Click, click, scroll, click and you find yourself flying to the Bahamas for a holiday or with a brand new shoe for next week's party. So well, we'll help your customers buy your offers through your websites.

Payment gateway integration, optimized clicks, previews, comparisons, shopping carts, check outs, reviews, cool looking product displays are well planned and executed by our team. They themselves spend a few hours every week buying travel tickets, cordless mouse, books and we even caught a colleague ordering lingerie for god knows whom (he's a bachelor). So we are quiet adept at this.


The new age way of letting your customer find you. We have had clients asking us whether his sale will increase once his website goes live. And some are worried that the whole world will become aware of his "under construction" section the day after launching his website. And hence the need for a pied piper, to steer all the clicks from mice to your websites.

Take a look at what we offer for search engine optimization. (link to a presentation)


There was a time when it would rain cats and dogs. Now its raining angry birds and fruit ninjas. So if your brand has the potential to create a game that will help in building recall and association, we will use our skills in animation ( Morph ) and knowledge in Flash, Action Script 3.0 and game engines such as Citrus. If you have a kick ass game idea that isn't brand related, is also definitely welcome.

rich media

This is where we combine our creative skills and geeky mindset. From Augmented Reality to interactive experiences, using Adobe Flash, Java and Microsoft Silverlight (we are in the process of mastering this)we could help you create mind-boggling internet applications for any digital media.

We plan to launch our very own version of a Virtual Trial Room mirrorgizmo which will save your time and energy from getting into every garment/ apparel you like, and to see how you like in it.

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All of our web projects go through a standard procedure to ensure that it works well for all users. So with every proposal/ project we bundle up the following, which are basic and a must these days: Analytics, W3C Standards, Metatags, Browser Compatibility, Search Engine Friendly, Validation, and a host of other tests and checks go into ensuring your website is trouble free.

Ok, we agree that the form we have here is very comprehensive, long and takes time to fill. But if you are serious about ensuring that you get a product that works for you without wasting yours or our time in trying to figure out what you need, do spend that initial 15 minutes in letting us know what all you have in mind. This will help us get back to you with an accurate scoping and cost proposal.

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